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WE’RE THRILLED TO BE GROWING ACROSS ALL GENERATIONS [kids, teens, adults] and in each of our campuses across Northern Colorado and online over the last few years. We consider ourselves blessed to say this when many churches in America are trending toward stagnancy or decline.

And more than numbers, many lives are being impacted. Children, teens and adults alike are finding Jesus, placing their identity and purpose in Him, and growing in their passion to follow Him.


WITH THE MOMENTUM GENERATIONS HAS and the booming population of Northern Colorado, we can’t help but expect that God has more for us in the future. We believe the best is yet to come!  When Jesus impacts our lives, the byproduct is that His love and kindness overflows to others around us. We become passionate about inviting people, welcoming them into the church, investing in their faith development, and giving generously of our resources to help one more person find and follow Jesus.

All for One is our dream to see each person at Generations be ALL in to help ONE more find and follow Jesus by:

INCREASING OUR OWNERSHIP in welcoming thousands through our front door.
INCREASING OUR OPPORTUNITY FOR THE DEVELOPMENT of leaders because life impact happens best in relationship.
TAKING THE NEXT STEP in our giving to prepare Generations to chase opportunities to reach one more person.




Generations is built on relationships and everyone has a seat at the table. Our world is filled with people who crave connection, authenticity, and are looking for a place to truly belong. Jesus welcomed everyone. The lonely and the popular, the broken and the healthy, the marginalized and the privileged, and everyone in-between. 

A changed life starts with an open door, so let’s open as many doors as we can through our invite and welcome. You belong here.

MATTHEW 25:35-36


We believe an empty seat is a serious matter. We envision continued yearly growth of 15% at our physical locations, which would ‘fill’ the remaining seats at our worship experiences, as well as sustained upward growth at our online campus. 

This growth is not to build a large church, but to reach every possible person for the sake of Jesus.

Vision projects we’ll invest in:

Reaching those who aren’t yet here. [being neighborly, extending personal invites, developing marketing strategies to introduce unchurched people to Jesus, etc.]

Creating environments that feel like home. [remodel environments to provide spaces for people to feel comfortable and connect with others]

Creating worship experiences that inspire. [tech upgrades that will improve our experiences, strategy for distinctive worship styles that captivate the heart of each generation, and more frequent sharing of real life faith stories via video]




Programs seldom change people, people often change people, and lasting life change usually starts with a meaningful relationship. Jesus intentionally invested into the lives of those around Him, and when we do the same, it leads
to tremendous impact in our community. 

We know welcoming is working when more people are in the seats, but true impact happens when a person discovers their identity and purpose in Jesus, and begins sharing Him with others. 

We will raise up leaders willing and capable of impacting the spiritual lives of others.

ACTS 2:42-47


We envision a future where we have new opportunities for all people, regardless of age or context, to find meaningful ministry with others. Because relationships are our priority, we will invest in resourcing and equipping one leader for every ten adults at Generations, while fostering intergenerational relationships that lead to the lifelong faith maturity of all generations at the church.

Vision projects we’ll invest in:

Creating new opportunities for all people, regardless of age or context, to find meaningful ministry with others.

Empowering each leader with the necessary resources and training for success.

Fostering intergenerational relationships that lead to the lifelong faith maturity of all generations.




We’re wildly optimistic about the opportunities we have to reach the next person for Jesus, both now and for years to come.  The message of Jesus never changes, but the methods we use to share the Gospel will constantly evolve.  

Greeley:  Ruthlessly attack our debt and generously provide for vision projects.  

Windsor & Online:  Become financially independent and grow our investment in vision projects.   

All Together:  Free up every resource possible to chase opportunities to multiply the hope and love of Jesus across Northern Colorado.  

MARK 16:15

Vision projects we’ll invest in:

Meeting people where they are. Innovating and offering creative, outside-the-box opportunities for people to WORSHIP AND engage with Jesus WHERE THEY’RE AT and when they’re available.

By the numbers:

Our goal is to refinance our $4.2M mortgage with preferable terms and fund $500K in vision projects in Greeley, Windsor and Online. If we hit $3.5M in giving, we’ll save $3.5M in interest. That’s essentially a 1 for 1 match gift of $3.5M that can be used for our future. 


THIS VISION WILL TAKE ALL OF US. So how do you get started? 1: Contact us! We’ll help walk you through ways to get involved and recognize your first step. 2: Be praying about how you can get connected to the church. 3: Be strategic about who you can invite to Generations as we launch this vision campaign.

Leadership takes many forms and we’re committed to helping you find the best fit and surrounding you with the right people – both for your own growth and for the sake of the people you will be leading. Have a story we could share about how God has impacted you while at Generations? Want to help others take a courageous step of faith? Interested in joining a serving team or leading a small group? We’d love to know!

Just fill out the commitment card below and we’ll be in touch!



Common vision & increased ownership benefit our mission. We’re not done helping one more person find or follow Jesus until there are no more people to reach.

Yes! The vision projects associated with both require significant dollars for us to meet community needs, continue marketing, remodel our facilities & secure staff and resources to empower leaders at the church.

A person that lives out the rhythms of our church – worship faithfully, connect intentionally, serve sacrificially, and give generously – and helps lead others of all ages to do the same.

Inviting and investing in the faith of others applies regardless of campus. With giving, all undesignated gifts will be applied 80% towards debt elimination and 20% towards vision projects [vision projects capped at $500k]. We encourage this as eliminating debt and moving forward with vision benefits every campus.

If preferred, designated giving is also available, which allows additional direction on the specific impact you hope to make while still blessing the overall church. If you designate gifts WINDSOR, your giving will stay in Windsor and go towards becoming financially independent, increasing our community presence and marketing to keep guests coming in the door, investing in growth tools for new believers and new families and building our local and long-term staff team.

Yes. All undesignated gifts will be applied 80% towards debt elimination and 20% towards vision projects [vision projects capped at $500k]. But you may designate your gift DEBT and it will go 100% towards debt elimination. And you may designate your gift VISION and it will go 100% towards vision projects.

Yes. Tithing is an ongoing act of obedience where we train our heart to trust God and express our gratitude for His blessings by returning the first 10% of our income to Him. For more, check out “All for One” is a prayerful and sacrificial act of generosity invested in the vision of Generations.

Budget doesn’t allow giving? We’d like to help! Attend a Dollars + Sense class or Financial Peace University [offered multiple times a year], or schedule a meeting with us to talk about your first step [email].

Looking to give in creative ways? Talk with our team [] about how you can give through non-traditional avenues like real-estate, agriculture, stocks, wills and tax advantage situations.

Initial commitments will be received in April 2020, but opportunities to commit will be clear and available [print and online] throughout the entire campaign [2023].


We’d love to help. If you’ve got a question that isn’t answered here or would like to talk to our team, shoot us a message!


You can make a financial gift to All For One using one of the below giving methods. Undesignated funds are split 80% to debt payoff, 20% vision ($500k cap). You can also designate your gift in the following ways (just add a note to the memo line of your check, or online) DEBT, VISION, WINDSOR.



You can give a one-time gift or setup recurring giving from your computer or mobile device online.

In Person

In Person

Give cash or check during our worship experiences anytime throughout the year.

Via Text

Via Text

Text “‘gengive” and the amount to 73256 to give a one-time gift or to set up recurring giving.


If you have a question about giving, or would like to explore creative ways to give (real estate, ag, wills, etc), we’d love to chat!

Generations is a a growing church helping one more person find and follow Jesus. We don’t have it all figured out. We’re messy. But we know that we need Jesus in our lives, and we need others to share life with. We’d love to meet you.